Welcome to the CIG blog. We started this as a way to connect with you, our customers, to have further conversations about sustainability, social enterprise, and fashion. You can expect a post from us once per month as we dive deeper into who we are and the conversations that happen behind our doors. It’s a New Year, so we thought our first post should (obviously) be about Change. Thanks so much for your continued support! 

2021, we’ve been eyeing you.

The beginning of a New Year tends to be a time of reflection, a time to refocus on goals and make new ones. For many, a New Year is a reminder to improve habits and take steps towards change.

Change is defined as “to make something different or to replace with something else.” The conception of this project started with that key word as we ourselves were going through something quite different  - the start of a global pandemic and a lingering uncertainty as to what the future held.

The entire brand stems from this little slogan that truly encompasses so much for us. We work at an addictions nonprofit and see life transformation up close and   personal. It’s humbling to be in a position where you watch people walk through the journey of recovery and we only see it in part. Personally, I’ve been able to observe the subtle yet transformative shifts in clients - increased confidence, motivation to share what they’ve learnt to others, and an innate ability to take a hold of both the positive and negative aspects of change and RUN with it.

The flip side of our brand is way more fun. We’re really passionate about changing your wardrobe (or finding those perfect staple pieces you’ll have for years). Our team is made up of 3 very avid thrifters, and this is a passion project stemming from a deep (sometimes too deep) obsession with thrift stores. We’ve had those moments where we find something that is absolutely perfect for a price so right that it might make you want to shed a tear. We love to shop sustainably, to save money, and to showcase our personal style in a way that reflects who we are. When we started CIG that was the inspiration: offer sustainable clothing at an unbeatable price. We think that changing your wardrobe becomes even sweeter when you realize you’re contributing to the life transformation that happens at The Calgary Dream Centre. 

Throughout the six months we’ve been in operation, we’ve had a lot of conversations about change and what it means to us. Despite what our name suggests, we realize that not all change is good (at least not on the surface). Some moments are filled with incredible grief--the moments where everything you know comes tumbling to the ground. 2020 might have been that year for you. When we say ‘Change is Good’ it is us recognizing that all change has the potential to bring about some sort of good. Afterall, how we recover from those earth-shattering moments can be the times that teach us the most about human resilience (something we see at The Dream Centre everyday). Change can be liberating, fun, awful, stretching and so many different adjectives, learning to cope with it is possibly one of life's greatest lessons. We hope that whatever change 2020 brought to you, that you will find the courage to press on and seek to find the good as we enter into a brand new year. 

Here’s to more (hopefully good) change for both you and your wardrobe in 2021!


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Very exciting opportunity to bless and be blessed.

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